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$30/month USD ($39/month CAD)

  • 2 free months with annual subscription: $300/yr USD $390/yr CAD

  • Full access to 23 of Angela’s courses

  • Full access to Video Library

  • Early access to new videos and bonus content

  • Exclusive access to live lessons and live critiques just for you

  • Exclusive access to new, more in-depth explorations of content introduced in YouTube videos

  • Exclusive access to interviews with other artists

  • Option to follow along with some interactive course runs

  • Full access to Angela’s private, online community network

  • Supportive learning environment, designed to help you experiment, explore and become your own favourite artist

  • Interaction with other watercolour artists from all over the world

  • Dedicated areas to post your current work, experiments, ideas, sketches, etc.

  • Discussion topics such as books, supplies, inspiration, photo references, selling your art, etc.

  • Book club

  • Events calendar where you can let people know about art events you hear about or are involved in

  • Chat room

    Access ends when subscription ends. Watercolour Mastery course not included.

    You keep access to any courses you have purchased separately.

What students have to say about Angela’s courses…


Angela’s lessons are great - informative, humorous, engaging, passionate and, what is quite important for me, as a non-native speaker, very clear and easy to understand.  -Tomasz W.

Angela's encouragement and suggested exercises, especially warm-up ideas and playing with new techniques, like not using a brush, gave me the OK to just "do something" and not worry so much about what a finished product might be.’  - Julie W.

‘It's apparent that Angela Fehr loves watercolour and teaches that subject to the fullest, but she also very clearly cares for her students, and that makes all the difference.  She always points out positive attributes of people's paintings and stresses that we should remember that we're already successful artists if we're painting for the love and enjoyment of it.’ - Michelle Z.

‘Angela is such a supportive and giving instructor. It makes it much easier to share knowing that the input that she gives instructionally is done in a positive not critical way. She seems to be able to make each student feel supported and a valuable part of her class. She doesn’t make you feel less because you may be at the beginning of your art journey and have skills that aren’t as developed. She is very nurturing and encouraging each student to develop at whatever level they may be at the time.’ - Gerri D.

‘She isn't just an instructor in fundamentals and intermediate skills in painting. She goes much deeper than that. Mindset is so key to success. Many creative folks don't understand that you have to believe in yourself to succeed. She could easily be a "life" coach!’ - Nancy H.

‘After the second online course I took, I noticed a very important aspect of Angela's instructional videos. She uses a technique of 'coming alongside' her student to encourage successful practice of watercolor painting. I am amazed at how Angela's voice pops in my head when I'm busy with a painting project. I owe my continued success with watercolor painting to Angela Fehr. Even if I make a big mess of my painting,  I learn with each brushstroke and my process of painting improves.’ - Jannette B.

‘Angela has such a gift for explaining things in an easy to understand way. She is so encouraging and positive in her comments and has a clear empathy with her students. Her love of watercolour is infectious. She is kind, generous ,sincere and authentic.’ -Cathy D. 

‘For me, as a beginner l gained the confidence to paint wherever l want, and the way l wanted because I'm the artist.’ - Beatriz N.

‘I learned, besides many many other things, to listen to my inner voice that tells me what I really want to paint and how and that permission to do this fearlessly was what I needed! The fear of failure and not being good enough and not painting to expectations all held me back. The lessons in pressing on and on and on into failure were so so valuable in that process of letting go of these expectations. No other teacher has ever given me these gifts!’  - Marion B

‘Angela is the most encouraging instructor that I've encountered in the courses I've taken so far. She respects each student's current position in their artistic journey and doesn't attempt to impress any personal views and tastes on her students. As she teaches, she of course follows her own style and methods, but always encourages students to use whatever methods or styles they find inspiring.’ -Jill G.

‘(Angela’s) passion in the watercolor art and love for teaching inspired all of us to become more free and fearless. (Her) words excited and encouraged all of us in our attempt to find or develop our own style. (She) showed us how to have confidence in ourselves and be our favorite artists. And the amazing thing is that we all responded…And what (she) taught will stay with us for a long time.’ -Hilary L.

‘My painting has blossomed by light years.  My confidence has soared.  Equally important as the instruction was the feedback I received from my instructor and from my fellow students.’  - Susan B.

‘The best part of the course is hearing/seeing Angela’s process and mindset. Angela has the ability to get across to students the importance and fun of getting in touch with your own artistic nature. She lets you come along on her watercolor journey as you both learn together’. - Jean J.

‘Angela has the wonderful ability to share information in such a way that it moves us forward not only in how we paint but how we think about our work and approach each new painting. Making it our own and not just a copy of someone else's style.’ -Jeanne F.

‘Angela is open, encouraging and genuine in her offerings. She has a wonderful style, much knowledge and great technique.’ - Meg C.

‘I’ve gained confidence, I’ve learned many new techniques, I’ve been able to not only view my art but others in a whole new way. She’s so positive, loves what she does, and is so generous with her time. I could listen to her talk for hours about watercolor!’ - Julie Z.


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