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Angela provides both the technical tools and the inspiration and encouragement to push past insecurities and learn to watercolor for the joy of working with the paints, to create pieces filled with emotion and memory. No more will I sit down at a beautiful lake and draw ‘water and a lot of trees’ - my pieces are becoming more impactful and individual through the use of the planning, refining, and method (as well as specific painting techniques) Angela demonstrates. Her love of watercolor and of teaching is apparent in every video. Whether you are a seasoned watercolorist needing refreshment or a fledgling artist looking for direction, you will find value in Angela’s course! Her obvious love of teaching and her students’ artistic development - expressed beautifully as excitement for students to succeed - not to paint like Angela paints, but to discover how to paint like Stacie paints!
— Stacie L.
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My lack of confidence in my own ability was my biggest obstacle. With Angela’s generous sharing of her own tool box of strategies, I was able to move past the fear of failure...The feature I liked best about the course was that everyone was celebrated at their own pace and style. The safety in sharing your work in this safe space was so encouraging and freeing to be your own favorite artist.
— Helen C.
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I am a relative newcomer to watercolor (or art in general), and struggle with getting bogged down in details and over-painting. My biggest fear was sharing my work. Through this course (Watercolor Mastery) , I’ve learned to see the bigger picture and break things down into simple shapes. The support that I received through the course from Angela and other students made me less fearful of sharing and was a great learning experience. I liked the structure of the course with Angela’s lessons and learning how to begin looking at what I want to paint and how to break it down by shape and value. Angela’s input was invaluable. My favorite part was the live feed each week, where we could interact and ask questions and get feedback in real time. Angela is such a supportive and giving instructor. It makes it much easier to share knowing that the input that she gives instructionally is done in a positive not critical way. She seems to be able to make each student feel supported and a valuable part of her class. She doesn’t make you feel less because you may be at the beginning of your art journey and have skills that aren’t as developed. She is very nurturing and encouraging each student to develop at whatever level they may be at the time. This is a great class if you want to learn how to grow and develop as an artist. It was less about learning to paint as Angela paints and more about learning to discover your own inner artist and not be fearful of venturing out and trying things
— Gerri D.
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I loved the feedback from Angela and the interaction between all the students. The support and constructive feedback is so important to gain confidence and growth. She isn’t just an instructor in fundamentals and intermediate skills in painting. She goes much deeper than that. Mindset is so key to success. Many creative folks don’t understand that you have to believe in yourself to succeed. She could easily be a “life” coach!
— Nancy H.
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I was struggling for more than 2 years of not being able to paint anything I wanted to share with others, they did not make me happy, and I felt confined and stuck in a place where I did not want to be doing the ‘same old same’, but I had no idea how to escape from that place. I was very discouraged, frustrated and longing to be inspired, but, nothing really grabbed me and I felt as though I was sliding backwards, head first down a steep incline with no way of stopping the dismal failures I was painting. Now, I am stirred up, eager, excited, motivated, inspired, and most of all happy and filled with delight to continue onward on my own in the weeks and months ahead. I am thankful that I can refer back to the course whenever I want..I will be doing that a lot!!
— Evelyn V.
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