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I just wanted to let you know, that you are a wonderful mentor and inspiration to me. I’m very grateful that I had the luck to connect with you and I like to let you know, that you are doing a fantastic job in touching so many peoples lives, including mine and you help so many people, including me, to grow personally and in the artistic, creative journey.
— Diana K.
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Your painting is more glorious in real life than anything I imagined from the digital photo on the website. Your rendering of the landscape and perceived solitude of the lone fence post is extraordinary. I am proud to have your painting in my collection of original artworks.
— Beth B.
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I am finding things that I love to sustain me through last days of illness. Your work has brought great joy. The fluidity and experience of being with paint and watching is so delightful. Picking up the brush and seeing what happens is such a delight and diverting the here and now. Thank you Angela, for your wonderful gift to me.
— Mary Anne
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If you are using artist-quality materials, it doesn’t really matter what brand, size and style you use, as it does that you spend time building your skills. There is no magic brush that can give you an advantage over many hours of experience.