Angela Fehr in Studio

 Hi, I’m Angela Fehr

I first picked up a watercolor brush as a shy teenager newly returned to Canada. During my teen years I’d lived with my family in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, and the solitude had cemented a passion for art that I was excited to pursue. In that first class, I quickly realized that watercolor was a perfect fit for me. There is something about the fluidity of pairing paint and water and allowing them to “collaborate” on a page that is so captivating. It’s never boring, and always unexpected.

Along the way, I realized that I wanted something more for my paintings than simply to copy what I could see with my eyes. I wanted to show my heart in my paintings, to pair the beauty of the world with a loose, intuitive, heart-led style. I didn’t know if I could accomplish that goal, but as I painted, I discovered “light bulb moments;” new ideas that I just had to tell someone. I started recording these glimpses of inspiration on video for YouTube, and found that my honesty as a lifelong student of watercolor and love for the medium encouraged others to pursue their own heart-led watercolor style.

I launched my first online course in November of 2013, with the goal of teaching technique and empowerment to help painters become their own favorite artist. I’ve been privileged to teach thousands of fellow watercolor lovers all over the world, both online and in person, creating a community of fearless artists who strive for authenticity over perfection, and understand that it is the heart that gives life to our art.

I share my home in northern British Columbia with my hot rod builder husband and three creative teens. Our gorgeous, quiet 5 acres is our haven and from here we spend lots of time experiencing the beauty of the Peace River and northern Rocky Mountain region, which serves as the main source of inspiration for my paintings. I’m continually inspired by my connection to nature, which gives me roots and identity as an artist and creator.

I believe…

When I discovered watercolor, I found a passion that brought my world to life with color and beauty. I believe that when we do what we were created to do — the things that make us light up inside — we can live with true purpose in a life that is not random, where every happening is designed to move us one step closer to completeness. Believing that if I put the people I love first in my life, there will still be a place to make my dreams come true within my reality. 

I believe that small decisions make a difference. I believe in giving with an open hand. I believe that in doing what is right, right now, we can let the future take care of itself. In art that means pursuing authenticity and making peace with being incomplete, not perfect yet, while still striving to grow and learn and paint with joy and freedom.

My Fearless Artist community is where artists who share my vision come together. It’s a place of learning and fellowship with like-minded artists. Join us!


The Artist’s Process