Hi, I’m Angela Fehr

There is something about beauty that demands a response. Hands clenched on the steering wheel, feverishly memorizing tone, texture; vivid hues of sun-streaked sky, wheatfields splashed with cobalt shadow. From panorama to palette to paper, watercolour my voice, a transparent, fluid means of savouring the glory inherent in the spaces surrounding me.

I first picked up a watercolour brush as a shy teenager newly returned to Canada. During my teen years I’d lived with my family in a remote village in Papua New Guinea, and the solitude had cemented a passion for art that I was excited to pursue. In that first class, I quickly realized that watercolour was a perfect fit for me. There is something about the fluidity of pairing paint and water and allowing them to “collaborate” on a page that is so captivating. It’s never boring, and always unexpected.

Every artist should label themselves “self-taught,” as the process of developing a signature artistic style is deeply personal and must be self-directed. Something in me wakes up and gets excited when watercolour is allowed to roam freely on the paper, and marks made by the brush are spontaneous and impulsive.

Over the years I’ve had many wonderful artistic opportunities. Before launching my online watercolour community, I held positions as a graphic artist, web site designer and freelance writer.

As an active member of my small town community, I’ve served on the board of a local art society; shown my art in solo and group shows and I teach art classes to children and adults. I love also that teaching watercolour has placed the world at my doorstep as I travel to workshops and connect with students from all over the world in my online classes.

I balance painting and teaching with providing a creative home life to my husband and three adolescents, a ridiculously short dog and the world’s fluffiest cat. I stay active as a runner, swimmer and cross country skier, and read 2-5 books a week. We live on a gorgeous, quiet 5 acres in northeastern British Columbia and spend lots of time experiencing the beauty of the Peace River and northern Rocky Mountain region, which serves as the main source of inspiration for my paintings.

The world is full of beautiful scenery, exciting opportunities and new people to meet, learn from and enjoy, and I love to be a part of it all.

Who I am…

When I discovered watercolour, I found a passion that brought my world to life with colour and beauty. I believe that when we do what we were created to do, the things that make us light up inside, we can live with true purpose in a life that is not random, where every happening is designed to move us one step closer to completeness. I am a Retro loving country girl, creative couch potato turned runner. I never choose black when there’s a colourful alternative! Loving living an adventurous life with my husband and three children. Believing that if I put the people I love first in my life, there will still be a place to make my dreams come true within my reality. 


The Artist’s Process