© Angela Fehr, ‘Aflame on the Mountain’, watercolor.

© Angela Fehr, ‘Aflame on the Mountain’, watercolor.

You’ve always loved the look of watercolor and you’re ready to get your brush wet and play…

You’re in the right place!

We have so much to offer you!

Start with our free beginner course: Watercolor Jumpstart

  • This fun course will take you through the basics and get you used to the way watercolor moves.

Then move on to Learn Watercolor the Heart-Led Way

  • This beginner course expands on the basics, while teaching you valuable mindset shifts and showing you how to connect with your heart as you paint so that you’re not just copying someone else’s work, but creating watercolors in your own voice right from the beginning.

When you’re ready for more, choose an intermediate course that speaks to what you love to paint:

  • If you enjoy florals try my Color Drenched Florals course.

  • Heart Led Landscapes focuses on strong artistic principles while encouraging you to paint what’s in your heart.

  • If you want to practice painting more loosely, try my Loose & Fluid Bundle, which will take you through the process of trying to paint exactly what you see toward a softer and more gentle technique of softening edges, etc.

You’re going to want support

We know how important it is for you to get reliable support through your creative journey from other artists who are working through the same things you are and from mentors and teachers. The right kind of support can help you get through those moments of creative block and remind you that the process is more important than the product. My Fearless Artist Community membership subscription allows you to participate in a supportive community that is just as interested in your learning process, your experiments and your disasters as it is your masterpieces. We welcome artists at every skill level. Details HERE.

Have questions? Contact us at info@angelafehr.com

What our previous students are saying…

After the second online course I took, I noticed a very important aspect of Angela’s instructional videos. She uses a technique of ‘coming alongside’ her student to encourage successful practice of watercolor painting. I am amazed at how Angela’s voice pops in my head when I’m busy with a painting project. I owe my continued success with watercolor painting to Angela Fehr. Even if I make a big mess of my painting, I learn with each brushstroke and my process of painting improves.
— Jannette B.
Angela’s encouragement and suggested exercises, especially warm-up ideas and playing with new techniques, like not using a brush, gave me the OK to just “do something” and not worry so much about what a finished product might be.
— Julie W.
Angela’s lessons are great - informative, humorous, engaging, passionate and, what is quite important for me, as a non-native speaker, very clear and easy to understand.
— Tomasz W.
It’s apparent that Angela Fehr loves watercolour and teaches that subject to the fullest, but she also very clearly cares for her students, and that makes all the difference. She always points out positive attributes of people’s paintings and stresses that we should remember that we’re already successful artists if we’re painting for the love and enjoyment of it.
— Michelle Z.
Angela has such a gift for explaining things in an easy to understand way. She is so encouraging and positive in her comments and has a clear empathy with her students. Her love of watercolour is infectious. She is kind, generous ,sincere and authentic.
— Cathy D.