Watercolor Mastery

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We’ll be opening enrollment for the next session of Watercolor Mastery on September 27.

Class will run from Oct 11 - Nov 22, 2019

Is Watercolor Mastery Right for you?

If you’re thinking that now might be the time to invest some time into leveling-up your watercolor skills, I’m here to help! I’ve helped thousands of students just like you become more heart-led in their approach to watercolor, to greatly expand their watercolor skill set and to develop strategies for dealing with the creative block that we all feel from time to time.

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Read what past students have to say:

Prior to the class, I was not sure I would ever be able to make looser paintings. I also didn’t know the steps in doing more with my art then just technique. Angela always has words that are filled with kindness, care, and encouragement. She taught me to be playful as I paint and to be kind to myself. She also taught me to be a risk taker. She is a wonderful artist and not only teaches technique but how to tap into my creativity. I am excited about moving past only technique. I want my work to evoke emotion, tell a story, and to simplify. I see glimpses of this now.
— Sarah F.
My painting has blossomed by light years. My confidence has soared. Equally important as the instruction was the feedback I received from my instructor and from my fellow students. The Mastery course focused on key principles —touchstones to follow as I begin to paint what I see and love. I loved the content and its organizations-and the demonstrations. Excellent filming and clear explanations. I also loved the Discussion page. Angela Fehr is clear, concise, welcoming, generous, supportive and organized. Her enthusiasm and passion for painting, nature and watercolours is probably what stands out most to me. Her teaching style is fluid —perfect for the watercolour medium! She includes tips in her narratives and everything flows! Angela truly cares about her students and it shows in everything—from the design of her lessons to her comments on our work to her emails. She wants us to learn and to share her joy in watercolour. (Watercolour Mastery) kick-started my watercolour journey. Everyone was so supportive and the message is that no matter where you are on your journey, you can pick up what you’re ready for in the course and perhaps other things might sit for a while until you’re ready for them. The principles that the course is designed around —colours, values, design, etc—are essentials and inform all art. The course introduces and reinforces those basic principles throughout so they stick with you! An excellent approach!
— Susan B.
I had two big obstacles prior to joining the class. One was just getting motivated to get into the studio. The other was getting out of a rut, doing the same thing with the same colors over and over.I feel there is definitely a change in how I approach a painting. I no longer think this is my only chance to get it right. I am much more willing to experiment and ‘wreck a painting’ to learn something new. I like that Angela focuses on teaching theory, rather than having her students copy her demonstrations. I appreciated that we were encouraged to use our own reference photos (though certainly allowed to do the demos if we wanted). I also appreciated that we could use the materials/supplies we already had on hand. Angela’s excitement about watercolor is infectious. I’ve loved painting in watercolor for years, but recently I haven’t felt the joy I once had. That is coming back as I log more ‘brush miles’. I highly recommend this course, both for the beginner and more experienced artists. Angela engages with her students and is very generous in sharing from her experience.
— Terri G.
As an artist who approached this course with moderate technical skills, but a little lost in the myriad of possibilities of where I could take my work, I found tools in Angela’s lessons to navigate that world and make my own decisions to improve my art. Think of this course as teaching you how to use a compass and map that are custom calibrated to you and your art. The class is so dynamic since the projects are pretty much limitless, they can be as open-ended as you want to make them and the more you put into them, the more you learn and get back in return.
— Jill G.

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