Student Work: Growth and Style Development

I love seeing my watercolour students' work as they progress in my classes and continue to pursue watercolour on their own. While I enjoy teaching how I paint, it's even more exciting to see students apply the techniques and interpret them in their own way, and of course, this is what truly makes art art. Here are a few of the paintings that have inspired me from my students' work these last few weeks (don't forget that you can check out my online classes and sign up here):

denise h

Denise H. explored negative painting, and created this image that would make a wonderful Christmas card in my online "Florals" class.


Poulami watched my "5 Stroke Berries" video on Youtube (and yes, I know I used more than five strokes) and was inspired to create this fluid berry painting.

arlo wild rose

While my floral class features daisies, Arlo used the techniques to create this lovely wild rose with fascinating edges.

Mary Jo (2)

Mary Jo is also taking the Florals class and created this summery arrangement. I like the way she didn't forget which way the sun was coming from (I had such a hard time with this when I was starting out...still do sometimes!)

Jocye C

Here are a couple from my "Exploring Fluid Colour" course. Joyce painted lychee nuts (which I haven't tasted since I was a teenager, living in Papua New Guinea!) and while her painting appears realistic, there are lots of areas of fluid colour and looseness here to enjoy.

Estefi S

Estefi's paintings are breathtaking - I have to admire a portrait artist, and she's posted a number of paintings in my Skillshare class that have such expression and mood! She wasn't happy with her dog's nose, but I think you will agree with me that those doleful eyes make this a wonderful painting.

Patricia K

Patricia posted this painting of sea grapes in my Floral class gallery and I think what I love most is the clarity of it - it almost has a transparent feel somehow, like a piece of stained glass.

Julieanna M

Julieanna is a new student who is not afraid to use colour. Lots of interesting edges in this painting, and a great use of dark and light values.

After enjoying a gallery of paintings like this, I am always excited to paint some more. There is so much variety to be achieved! If your tendency is to feel discouraged, don't despair. Watercolour is a journey, and we are all at different steps along the path. If you love it, you will keep painting, and if you keep painting, you can't help but grow!


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