Weekend Links

Happy Saturday! It's been a busy week and it's so nice to have a peaceful day at home. The air is full of drifting golden leaves.

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Thought you might enjoy seeing where I've been (online) this week:

The Tumbler Ridge News published an article I wrote on creative learning at home. British Columbia just ended a labour dispute and public school kids are finally going back to school on Monday. I wrote a post on Facebook for my public-schooling friends, and was asked to share it in a newspaper article. I love opportunities like that!

Watercolour artist Leslie Redhead included me in a creative blog hop. These have been going around for a while and it was fun to get time to participate. You can see my blog hop post next week.

And completely unrelated to me, but still fun. The kids and I are thinking we need to have our own lip sync competition after watching a few Youtube clips of Jimmy Fallon and friends. Our particular favourite is Mr. Roboto:

Have a great weekend!

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