Your dream vacation: paint Ireland with Angela Fehr September 10-15, 2018

Imagine stepping into an ancient land, walking across rugged hills carpeted in green, visiting ancient buildings steeped in history, camera and sketchbook in hand. Imagine Ireland in watercolour as you paint with your host and fellow traveler, Angela Fehr.

When I travel to new countries, meet new people and paint my experiences, I'm living my dream, and I'm so excited to share it with you in Ireland, September 10-15, 2018.

This six day, five night adventure will combine painting and travel as we explore County Mayo together as artists and fellow travelers. (Non-painting partners are welcome to come and tour as well, bring your spouse and share the experience with a loved one.) 

Our Studio: Our home base will be beautiful Mt. Falcon Estate, where they have converted Woodland Cottage into a studio on the grounds of the estate. We'll be painting with the intent of deepening our Ireland experience, expressing what we've seen and felt as we explore the region on our excursion days. As your instructor, my focus will be on helping you develop your personal expressive painting style, learning to make painting decisions that strengthen your paintings in composition and authenticity, and trust the process as you grow in confidence in your own abilities. I love coming alongside artists as a coach and mentor, and sharing how I've learned how to be my own favourite artist.

Our Experiences: View the detailed itinerary here.

We'll have two full days in the studio, as well as open studio time to work independently, and our work will be inspired by the sights we see as we explore Downpatrick Head. Quoting from the itinerary: After breakfast your group will head out to explore Downpatrick Head, a majestic heritage site found about 5km north of Ballycastle village. Jutting out into the ocean and rising almost 40m above the waves, it provides unparalleled views of the Atlantic, including the unique collection of islands known as the Staggs of Broadhaven. You can also spot the nearby Dún Briste sea stack, with its different colored layers of rock and nesting sea birds. In addition to the natural scenery and wildlife, Downpatrick Head is home to the ruins of a church, holy well and stone cross, which together mark the site of an earlier church founded by St Patrick. Ireland’s patron saint is also honored with a statue that was built in the early 1980s. We'll do some plein air painting on location as well, weather permitting. I've recently chosen a new approach to plein air which has breathed new life into my on-location sketches and studies.Downpatrick Head - - 369263

Rosserk Abbey: A second day trip will be to ancient Rosserk Abbey: Located along the River Moy, Rosserk Abbey is a compact friary of the Third Order Franciscans, founded around 1440 by a member of the Joyce family. It is just 4km from Killala, County Mayo. The friary has been in ruins since the Suppression of the Monasteries by King Henry VIII, around 1540, but remains well preserved. Visitors can view the finely carved west doorway, single-aisle church and unique double piscina. (from

RosserkFriary In addition, the area around Mt. Falcon Estate provides opportunities for hiking, cycling and golf, with falconry, archery, fishing, and clay pigeon shooting on the estate itself. The village of Ballina is 7km (4.3 mi) away.

Workshop Goals: When I teach a watercolour workshop, I'm here for you. Come with your questions, your struggles and your goals; I'm privileged and honoured that you have chosen me as your mentor in this journey, and I will give you everything I can. Our group size of 12-14 will ensure every student receives personal, one-on-one guidance and we'll build lasting relationships as we travel, dine and paint together.

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