Painting in Progress: Killer Poppy

I did some blog-surfing yesterday and realized that I am not so set apart in my passions as I thought - the number of bloggers who are both faith-focused, moms, and artists is really a lot more than you would think! If you include scrapbooking as an art, the number grows exponentially! (I actually have no idea what exponentially means and here give my standard disclaimer: I'm an artist, not a mathematician.)

I really like the site "The Little Artist in Me" and after seeing Anna McLean's acrylic paintings, I couldn't wait until the end of the month to paint again. Her work is very clean and design-oriented and I loved especially her triptych "Manna" which is a crisp black & white. Wouldn't suit my shabby-chic-French-country style house at all, though. But I'm still allowed to yearn for it!

While I was browsing Anna's blog, I had a vision, and it was so vivid that I had to paint it this afternoon. I saw an enormous poppy on a huge sheet of watercolor paper, in a more modern style than I usually do. For some reason, even though I have table space and a big painting board, I felt strongly that I had to paint it on the floor. Now that I've made a little headway on it, I can see why - I have paint splashed across the floor and water drips everywhere. Don't know if my giant poppy will turn out to my satisfaction, I'm waiting for it to dry right now and then I'll explore the lines and colors and see where it all leads.

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