Is that a Leaf? Raspberry Watercolor Painting Progress

I haven't posted any progress pics of my raspberry painting for a few days...I have been working on it, though. Yesterday after about an hour of painting, I felt like there was very little visible progress, though I was pleased that I solved the problem I'd been seeing in the pink berry (it just looked wrong! how's that for a concise description). Turns out it needed more shadow and a little more gradation in the shadows themselves.

Despite my impression last night of making little headway, I was surprised this morning when I viewed the painting and saw a leaf had grown up in the night! While working on that part of the painting, I was trying to express the underside of a raspberry leaf, but it wasn't until I looked at the painting some twelve hours later that I realized that I had achieved my objective! Often that happens - a painting just needs a step back and a fresh eye to see what more paint might have muddied and obscured.Before my painting session yesterday, my daughters and I had some fun warming up creatively by making a fifth birthday gift for one of their friends. We go to a lot of little girl parties, and I think it's original to make a gift - and I just love crafting with my girls. Even 20 month old Wesley got in on the fun and splashed some paint around. We used Rory's card from her birthday last month as the focal point of the poster, painted a background and embellished with glitter and my cherished scrapbooking supplies. Our Strawberry Shortcake poster turned out really cute, though a two year old got at it at the party and I had to rescue the buttons and bits of ribbon he gleefully ripped off. Next time I'll have to use the hot glue gun.

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