Jelly Beans watercolor painting by Angela Fehr

Raspberries watercolor painting by Angela FehrMy raspberries watercolor painting is nearing completion, and I'm a little stuck. I see a few problems with some of the elements of the painting, but I'm not sure whether more are lurking and I just haven't noticed them yet. Also, I'm not sure how to fix some of the flaws I see, so I'm setting it aside and out of sight for a few days. Maybe when I come back to it, with fresh eyes, I will be able to sort it all out.
Kids Helping MommyThough there is no urgent painting business to complete at home, I put my three minions to work today and took these photos of my industrious trio while barking orders and sipping a mocha.
Helping Mommy 2Anyone who has raised a preschooler or two will tell you that training them to do simple household tasks is much harder than simply doing them yourself...and is laughing at the idea of parental relaxation occurring while tots are "helping". My 20-month-old son was wielding the empty Swiffer WetJet and kept getting its' velcro strips hooked in the area rugs and screaming in frustration. And 5-year-old Rory insisted I remove each dish from the rinse pan as soon as it touched the water. Finally, it always takes some smooth talking to talk 3 1/2 year old Sam into any idea that didn't originate with her!

Jelly Beans watercolor painting by Angela FehrJelly Beans, 14" x 20" watercolor painting by Angela Fehr

Just for fun this afternoon I painting this homage to one of my favourite treats - jelly beans are just too pretty to simply eat! Rory woke up from her nap when I was halfway through and stared greedily at the posed beans - had to finish in a hurry! The lettering looks pretty good for freehand - no sketching or measuring beforehand.
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