Sipping From a Bottomless Well: Creativity has no Expiration Date

Hume Lake watercolor painting by Angela FehrThis weekend my husband and I went to my brother's birthday party. We left the kids with a sitter and joined Ross and his friends for indoor soccer, pizza and XBox rock band. I relished the feeling of being 25 again, and just hanging out.

It's a 90 minute drive to his place and I was surprised when we got home to realize my jaw was sore...I had talked the whole way home! My husband is an incredible listener, and since I am rather verbose, we complement each other quite well. We talked a lot about my art as a business, my goals and plans, and dreams for that part of my life. He hadn't seen my web site since I revamped it in the fall, either, so I gave him a tour and he had some good feedback...I'll be making a few more small changes to reflect his input.

One of the things that I said on that moonlit drive was just how easy it is to get frustrated when things aren't progressing as I would like. I so much want to make things happen, see tangible evidence of progress. But the recent issue of The Artist's Magazine featured an article titled Splendid Over 60, and the painters profiled were all over 60, and several were octogenarians! Reading their profiles, and seeing their incredible work makes me excited for my own future. I hope to be painting well into my own golden years, and I am curious and excited to imagine what my creative journey will look like with thirty-plus years of experience behind me.

Creativity is a well that doesn't dry up - the depths are never completely plumbed. I'm only sipping at the surface, and time, training and passion will allow me to drink more deeply, though this thirst to create and express myself will never be quenched.

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