Starting Over

I'm excited about my in-progress "Raspberries" painting. This is why I'm a little sad that I've decided to start the painting over. I do a lot of thinking about painting while I'm driving, whether it's because the scenery inspires me, or I'm working through a painting in my mind. Today is was the latter, and I started thinking about my "Expressly Clematis" painting. It's still one of my proudest watercolor achievements. In fact, I used it as the focal piece in my solo show at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery in 2002, featured on the invitation. Expressly Clematis watercolor painting by Angela FehrI loved the freedom I felt when I was creating "Expressly Clematis". I wasn't attempting to copy a photo, or achieve realism. I felt instead that I was plumbing my creative soul and exploring the essence of my subject, not just a flower, but a season of life, and the result is what makes me different from any other watercolor artist, what I have to offer that is unique and unavailable from anyone else.

So I am going to start again with my raspberries painting. I will continue my mantra "Be Brave" but use my courage to look deeper than my reference photo, to delve again into my creative well. I have little doubt that if I continued on the painting as it stands now, it would finish beautifully. But it would also look a lot like something that any competent watercolorist could have painted, and I want my art to be about more than technique.

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