Conquering Artist's Block - Deny & Dabble

Apparently the "put it out of sight for a week" technique for conquering artist's block doesn't work for me. I pulled my "Raspberries" painting out on Monday and found that I still felt daunted and confused about where to go next on the thing. So I just started painting anyhow, and while I dabbled at some corner bits and background shapes, found my way again.

When in doubt, keep painting. My new rule. I forgot that I have had success with this in the past - when I get stuck in an element of a painting, I work on another area, and the answer always comes to me. I think too that part of the problem was I got a little bit scared to really throw paint down and make strokes that mattered.

Also this week, I made a new friend, Karen Martin Sampson, a very talented artist who also lives in BC (just a LOT further south!). Karen read my Empty Easel article and dropped me a line, and next thing you know I'd roped the poor woman into critiquing my Raspberries painting! Make a note of this: If you offer to do something for me, I WILL take you up on it! Karen's criticism of my painting was very constructive, and I'm feeling more confident in the final stages of this painting, especially since I had made some of the changes she suggested that very day, before receiving her email! DO check out Karen's online gallery - she has some incredible paintings posted there.

No progress pictures to show you - I'm afraid the progress I have made is visible only to the eye of the creator! Next week I expect to be all done and then I'll parade it for the world to see!

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