Painting in Progress - Hidden Places (Working Title?)

I've been working on this new watercolor for the last week or so. I was inspired by Daniel Sroka's extreme macro photographs of flowers, though I believe this painting is taking a bit of a different direction than "extreme macro." I used a photo I took of a roadside summer bloom, Paintbrush, which is ubiquitous here in northern British Columbia. I need some good reminders that spring IS coming, as we bid March good-bye and spring drags its feet arriving.

Today the children and I took a walk to look for pussywillows. Samantha had the foresight to bring her dolls in their stroller, and it made a useful conveyance for the shed toques, mittens and for the mail. Despite the sun's warmth on our faces, the temperature was just at the freezing mark and our cheeks got nice and rosy.

I have in mind to blog soon about the Peace River country where I live and why I love it. When friends in far-off places are exclaiming over flowers in bloom, t-shirt weather and gardening, it does seem a little crazy that we live in a place that is still covered in old, crusty snow and maintaining freezing temperatures, but that's the beauty of hidden treasure. I'll tell you why soon.

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