Painting and Parenting Don't Always Agree

The Big Chair, watercolor by Angela Fehr

Today I can see why moms of preschoolers are not generally known for being prolific artists. Who has time to paint when more important things require doing?
Things like:

  • serving meals
  • changing diapers/potty training
  • finding missing socks
  • pushing swings
  • doing laundry
  • doling out/cleaning up/baking snacks
  • arranging dandelion bouquets in vases
  • filling watering can for little helpers
  • cleaning up tracked-in mud
  • refereeing squabbling daughters
  • helping to color in coloring books
  • reading Charlotte's Web
  • having a tea party/beach party/bubble bath party
  • making pink satin capes for dress-up
  • wiping runny noses
  • singing another round of "Pat-a-Cake"

I've talked in the past about time management being a mom/artist's best friend, and it does help. But some days, the kids require all my attention and energy, and no amount of organization will change that. I'm a little jealous of all the daily painters on a day like today. I'm lucky to get one painting completed per month! I've thought about getting a sitter once a week to watch the kids while I paint, but it doesn't feel right at this point. Maybe when I start homeschooling this fall and have even less time!