Angela Fehr Paintings now at Dawson Creek Art Gallery

Today I dropped off my exhibits for the 2008 South Peace Art Society Members Show at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. I entered these paintings:

Lost in the Deadwood, watercolor - Angela Fehr

Mossy Niche, watercolor - Angela Fehr

Overlooking Autumn, watercolor - Angela Fehr

Silent Beauty, watercolor - Angela Fehr

Freckled Orchids, watercolor - Angela Fehr

While I was bringing the paintings into the gallery, which was full of summer tourist traffic, two women followed me to the counter.
"Mind if we peek?"
I was more than happy to show them my paintings, and they were most interested in "Overlooking Autumn," even moving it into better lighting to get the best perspective. I think they were hoping for a lower price though, but they did take my web site address to show their family - they were looking for a gift for a 75th birthday for a father or grandfather. Encounters like this are good opportunities for me to practice talking about my paintings, and work on my salesmanship.

These paintings will hang in the Dawson Creek Art Gallery until August, so if you are in the area, please stop by and take a look. Art is always best viewed in person.

These paintings are for sale at the gallery, but they are also still available online, just in case you were considering buying one - don't put off your purchase any longer or someone might beat you to it!

And if you were wondering why Dawson Creek would see a lot of tourists, click here.