Painting Inspiration: Delphiniums in Bloom

I've decided that having a painting incomplete is no reason not to start a new one. This completely goes against one of my rules for a better life (never start a new project until you have completed the old), but it was really more of a guideline, anyhow.

So I have stalled out on my cow parsnip painting, and I have two "strip landscapes" on my other painting board. These are landscapes that measure 3" tall by 28" wide and are mostly sky. I think they'll be fun to do.

Also today I sat outside in my yard and sketched my delphiniums. I have painted delphiniums before - I just love them. There are so many colors out there, and there are so few flowers that are such a great shade of blue. Last fall I planted my own delphiniums and they have bloomed beautifully this summer. And they look great in a flower arrangement.

I sketched my delphiniums with a black pen that is almost like a marker, its nib is so thick. The ink just flows out so smoothly that it is really fun to draw with. I hate scratchy pens! I got Sassy to take a couple of pictures of me sketching my delphs - she fancies herself quite the five-year-old photog and I'm surprised the batteries were still functioning once she wrapped up her photo shoot!

Yes, that is my two-year-old running around in the background in his undies - he is (supposed to be) potty training and so spends most of the day pants-optional!

The delphiniums are really more of a royal blue than the cerulean you see in the photo - it was so sunny out and not really the best time to get accurate colors, at least not with my little Coolpix. I've cut a stalk to refer to as I try to paint my delphiniums and seeing them will help me maintain accurate color and also give me a reference for any details the photo might have obscured.