Finding Inspiration at one of my Favorite Places - Kinuseo Falls

Kinuseo Falls - watercolor by Angela Fehr, SOLD

We're heading here for a weekend of camping, with three preschoolers, it's always an interesting time and I get to exercise some little-used parental cautions like:
"Don't eat that! Moose droppings only look like chocolate-covered almonds!"
"Get your head out of the outhouse hole!"
"Hold still so I can cut that pine sap out of your hair."

If you visited the link above, you know that I am packing my camera in hopes of a bountiful harvest of reference photos. Last time we were there I took the photo that resulted in this painting:

Sleeping Sweethearts - watercolor by Angela Fehr

The summer exhibition at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery ended last week, and I picked up the five paintings I had hanging there. I had so many comments on my Secrets of the Muskeg series, and I'm thinking this is the prime season to start a new moss painting, only big this time. My previous muskeg paintings were smaller, 6" x 6", 8"x8" and 5.5"x10.75" and I'm thinking I should really attempt a half sheet (15" x 22") though it will take me forever - there's a lot of detail in the moss.

I love the swamp and painting it is very satisfying, so I am looking forward to the project. I won't start it until after I've completed a commission for the client who commissioned my Peyto Lake painting. It's always a treat to do a commission for J. As she was explaining the scene she wanted painted, she finished her description by saying, "I love all your work, so just do what you think best." Pretty easy to paint for someone like that!

With September looming, it's also time to look at my goals for the winter. It was last September that I took an art marketing workshop, and so I will also be assessing how well I achieved the goals I set last September after the workshop ended. More on that later...

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