Preparing for Winter

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This is the last full week in September. Time to ask yourself - How are you doing on that goals list?

My goals list for this year is sort of general, focusing on improving my painting. My marketing goals list is more specific, and is basically a continuation of last year's goals. I think marketing art needs to be approached like you would an investment - consistently paying into the marketing "account," keeping in mind that the payoff will be in the long term.

Fall has illuminated the Peace River country as the aspens blaze in vivid gamboge gold. This weekend our family took an old quad trail through the hills behind our house to enjoy some color and an amazing view. The hills we live on are for the most part untouched, full of wildlife (deer, moose, cougars, wolves, bears) and we consider ourselves very fortunate to live here, despite the frigid winters.

the moose strip the aspen bark when the snow is too deep for foraging

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