Up Close & Personal with an In-Progress Watercolor Painting

My new digital SLR camera arrived yesterday. I'm patting myself on the back for being smart and buying another Nikon - it's more intuitive to use when the buttons are where I expect them to be. Though I need an education on using the camera manually, already I am excited to shoot and download better shots of my artwork, including some macro photos of my current in-progress painting.

I fall in love with runs, blooms and edges that look like this......warm shots of color like this leaf in the making......transitions between hard and soft edges...My priorities for this moss painting are to focus on the color, to vary color temperature to make warm and cool colors pop, and to create interesting edges that lead the viewer through the painting. I'll be bringing the painting to the mall tomorrow for my on location painting session, and I'm hoping that I will remember these priorities despite having an audience.

ArtAngela Fehr3 Comments