Back to the Drawing Board

As a child, I loved to draw, but when I started painting, I quit drawing. I have always felt that drawing requires accuracy and skill beyond what I have achieved, and since my studio time is so limited, I turn to what comes easiest for me - painting in watercolor. So I really haven't put time into practicing my drawing, and when I do try to draw, it's discouraging, and the sketchbook goes back on the shelf for a few more years. I don't draw a lot when I'm preparing to paint - just a rough gestural sketch for placement's sake. I don't even do composition sketches, and so composition is a weakness of mine.

With all that said, I've had a pencil in my hand for the last couple of weeks, and it's starting to feel pretty good. It started with the personalized paper dolls I created for my children, that turned into a small business venture with my sister. From that original design, I received a commission for another set of paper dolls, a completely different size and outfits to match the client's products. I've been working on that commission and am almost finished, and it's been so fun! The client gave me a good deal of freedom in the designs and I went the extra mile and added little accessories to suit each outfit's theme. And the bonus is that not only is a commission money in the bank, but I'm honing my drawing skills! Drawing little girls in cute outfits makes me want to explore my illustrative side even after this project is completed. I might even start doing some figure drawing - something that I have always struggled with.

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