Not the Only One, or the Greatest One (but that's okay)

I'm still processing all I saw and heard today at the Art of the Peace Symposium. There was so much information given by the three guest speakers that I will be chewing on it for a while.

Several members of the Peace Watercolor Society were in attendance, and I was able to meet Suzanne Sandboe and Dale Syrota, two of my local watercolor idols. Both far too young to paint so well - I keep telling myself I have lots of time to reach that caliber!

When I mentioned my current painting's mossy subject matter, Dale suggested I look up Ernest Lindner, a Canadian artist I had never heard of. Here I thought I was the only person to ever paint moss - just goes to show that everything worth doing has been already done, right? The muskeg painting by Lindner that I found online has a look of an undersea coral somehow, don't you think? Love his watercolors.

More on the symposium in the next little while - and hopefully some photos of my own paintings as I chase some creative inspiration after spending time with so many other local artists.

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