Just a Snowball on a Gradual Downslope

Something that encouraged me to paint this week:

"Why is it so hard for us to realize that getting a great deal done boils down to getting a little done over and over again?"
Julia Cameron, Letters to a Young Artist

There are painting a day painters, one hour painting painters, early morning warmup painters, one hour a day painters. Sometimes it seems silly to mark my achievements in art in fifteen minute increments. But Julia is right - it all adds up. I have gotten more paintings done since I have started measuring my time in minutes than I did when I felt like I needed a block of several hours before I was free to paint.

Today I read a blog post by author Karen E. Olsen, titled Who Has Time to Write?
Considering that between my two blogs I have written enough to fill a book (though a very rambly and disjointed one), maybe that should be my next goal. Or I could apply her insight to painting - probably the better idea.

I'm working on a local landscape using a (gasp!) full sheet of watercolour paper. It's very, very rough, and I have the feeling that this one will not be a keeper. Though there are a couple of areas where the paint has done some really pretty things and I'm quite fond of those. I'm experimenting with approaching landscapes in the same way I do florals but it's hard to translate across the subjects - I think it's more of a mental block than a problem of technique.

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