New Painting: On a Limb

On a Limb original watercolor painting by Angela Fehr

Think it's finished - can you ever be certain about these things?

Berry paintings always get a very positive local response, especially when they feature the lowly saskatoon berry, which grows wild around here. I am told that they are also called serviceberries, or juneberries. My husband prefers them in pie filling, over any other fruit pie.

My intention for this painting was to focus on the berries, leaving the background details to the imagination, to remain loose and allow the paint to flow and pool as it willed. I used a photo editing program to help me interpret my reference photo and establish values and color temperature. I'm happy with the results. Though they never match my original vision, I believe that is in part due to the nature of watercolor - allowing it to participate in the creation of the painting requires flexibility on my part!

I've put the painting in my Etsy store here.