Prepping for a Workshop on Art Marketing

I'm going to be speaking at an artists' retreat this month on web sites for artists. I do a bit of web design - it's a nice income when I can find the time - and so over the next couple of weeks I will need to organize my thoughts as I prepare to share what I've learned. I thought that one good way to do that would be to write a series of how-to posts here on the blog, sharing what I've learned, artists I have learned from, links to sites that have helped me and given me direction.

First of all, what would you have wanted to hear when you first started out, marketing your art on the internet? I've had a web site since 2002, and my memories are a little faded when it comes to those early days.

Since I don't have a lot of time to take on new web design clients, I am going to be emphasizing the do-it-yourself angle - I'd prefer to take on a supporting role helping a client set up a blog, for example, rather than building a site which they can't afford and won't know how to promote. I'll for sure be pointing them toward Empty Easel - I've learned a lot about art marketing on the world wide web from the articles on that site. What sites do you love for learning about selling art online?

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