Elfin Hollow - a new watercolor painting

"Elfin Hollow" watercolour by Angela Fehr
9.75" x 14"
This painting gives me a happy feeling - I enjoyed painting it so much, layer by layer, savouring the shapes and flow of the paint.  And I love any painting that lets me spatter paint!  
Our back yard is very moist - we have a lot of ground water that gives us moss instead of lawn on our little country acreage, and after a day or two of rain, we get mushrooms popping up all over.  I managed to snap my reference photo before the kids played soccer with this one.  A mountain ash tree grows nearby, hence the berries.
The silhouetted leaves in the upper right corner were a stroke of genius, if I must say so myself.  I love that they give the effect of peeking through a densely wooded area into a little sunlit hollow.  My girls imagine that a fairy makes the glade her home - can't you just see it?
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