Fun Summer Marketing

On a Limb, watercolour painting © 2009 Angela Fehr

I've added my newest line of note cards to my Etsy shop here.  The four berry paintings featured in the cards are not only delicious and luscious, but they are my newest works and the ones I am most excited about!  Each of the four original paintings is available for sale and two of them are hanging in the Dawson Creek Art Gallery this summer.

Backyard Berries, watercolour painting © 2010 Angela Fehr
I've been selling my paintings, note cards, signs, papercraft items and baking at the Dawson Creek Farmers' Market this year and it's been lots of fun.  Saturday mornings I enjoy meeting new people, sharing what I do and hearing their feedback.  I've met a few people who have bought paintings from me in the past, a few fellow artists who always remind me what a great community I'm a part of, and I've come home feeling energized and excited about what I do.  Some artists may shy away from showing their work in public, and there is always a risk of rejection, but on the whole, I love the experience, and it's good for me to practice communicating my enthusiasm for watercolour, for the beauty of our region, and for the time I spend putting it all on paper.
Luscious, watercolour painting © 2009 Angela Fehr