Diving in and Getting a Painting Completed


My second session of watercolour classes took place last night. My husband is still getting used to my new schedule, so he forgot and decided to work late, arriving home just in the nick of time for me to not be late for my class. Tonight the class was full - one more student having signed up after our first session - and so we added another table, setting up in a U shape so that everyone could see me in the centre.

McQueen's Slough - photo by Angela Fehr Click to enlarge.

This was the reference photo we used last night. While it would have been easy to focus on technical aspects of watercolour, or lecture on design, I wanted our second session to get us down to the business of painting, and for the students to be able to take home a completed painting at the end of the night. Next week they will be able to relate a little more to some of the concepts I will be teaching, having practiced some of the techniques and getting an idea of their own weaknesses and strengths. It's important to me that my students don't feel discouraged in learning to paint. It can be so hard! What matters is loving the process enough to keep painting, and skill will come. You get good at the things you do often, and you enjoy the things you are good at - it's kind of a circular thing, but I am always encouraged when I remember that. Staring at a blank piece of paper, fearing the outcome does not a painter make. To be courageous enough to make the attempt is what makes artists successful. I'll share my own painting that was inspired by the above photo next week.

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