Raspberry Reference Photo

My watercolour class and I worked on a little painting of this yummy raspberry during our Thursday night class. We'll be finishing up the greenery next week. Students, if you want to print off a copy of the reference photo for your 'homework', right-click on the raspberry and "save image as" will allow you to save it to your hard drive and print it if desired.

Here's a shot of my demonstration painting - in progress.

I also wanted to share some fun photos of my children - when I was working on the sample painting for the class, they got all excited and wanted to paint raspberries too.

My seven-year-old rebel - this little girl is my artist - she always has a vision and a story to put on paper.

My eight-year-old is my hands-on girl. She started all three of the kids making spider crafts yesterday and two hours later, you couldn't walk through the house without a paper spider brushing against the top of your head!

My left-handed five-year-old impressed me with his painting skills - you can see that's a raspberry on his page! I'm thinking that he might just have to start using a brush instead of a pencil in school - he's doing kindergarten work at home and his handwriting has a LONG way to go.