"Paradise" watercolour painting

With only two more classes until my Winter 2012 watercolour session wraps up, it's been fun to see my students grow and change in their skills and painting style. Only three students were able to make it last night, and a smaller class size is always fun and laid back. When our two hours were up it really felt like we were just getting into the groove. I learn a little more every time I teach a watercolour workshop. I teach very hands-on; I love to do demonstrations, and if my students don't mind too much, I love to grab a paint brush and do a little "demo" right on the painting they are working on - it is so much easier to "show" than "tell"!

Our last few sessions have been independent painting sessions, where the students pick their own subject and I am on hand to give guidance and encouragement. Because this can be so hands-off for me - sometimes they are doing so well I feel like I'm not providing even guidance! - I like to do a demonstration of a technique at the beginning of class.

Last night my demonstration was all about edges - the mystery and beauty of the "lost & found" edge, when to use crisp, hard edges in a painting, and how to create a soft, blurred edge.

Click here to purchase "Paradise" 5" x 7" watercolour painting by Angela Fehr


I painted this little beauty during class as part of my demonstration - a lovely abstract chock full of colour and movement. There's also a little salt texture which I demo'd as well.

I don't do a lot of abstract paintings, but there was something so relaxing about painting this little, 5" x 7" watercolor painting. I followed my muse wherever it led, and was happy, happy in my heart when I put my brushes away at the end of the evening! I titled this painting "Paradise" because it really looks like those gorgeous tropical Bird of Paradise blooms that we used to see in Papua New Guinea. And that much colour is really paradise to me!

There will be more watercolor classes in my studio after this session wraps up on May 1. Last night we even discussed the possibility of en plein air painting sessions which would make me feel like a student too - it's not something in which I'm experienced. If you want to join my next class, why not send me an email and get your name on the list?