On Joining the Peace Watercolour Society.


I'm very pleased to announce that following the opening of the Peace Watercolour Society show at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery of which I was a guest member

that I have been accepted into

the Peace Watercolour Society.

And yes, it is poetry to me. Joining the Peace Watercolour Society has been a goal since I first started painting in watercolour, eighteen years ago. And maybe I'm the one who's hardest on myself, because I should have joined years ago. Part of it was timing, and partly it was me, knowing that I wasn't where I wanted to be as an artist...yet. Thank you for your support and encouragement and I can't wait to prove your faith in me to be true.

The feedback from the show was remarkable, and I can't wait to tell you more about it. Right now I am being tugged on by a hungry, no, STARVING! six-year-old boy. And if you know six-year-old boys, you know breakfast won't wait. Life is good, friends!

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