Watercolour Painting with Liquid Acrylics


I pulled out my liquid acrylics a few days ago and gave them a try for the first time since the acrylic workshop I took early in November. Liquid acrylics can be used like watercolour, and according to my instructor, they are better than watercolour because the colours stay as vibrant dry as they were when applied. Watercolour is notorious for drying lighter. In addition, you can use them like acrylics, adding white and black to broaden colour range and correct mistakes.

I don't own a full spectrum of colours, and so I felt very limited when I started dabbling. The up-side to this was that I could paint and experiment and just have fun with the paint, rather than trying to paint something "important." I splashed a few violets on my paper, but I wasn't really feeling it, so I tried a bit of landscape:

The colours are more effortlessly vibrant! The hue Green Gold is just wonderful. But my attention span wandered and I gave a new subject a try:

My children's cat died about a month ago, and they were heartbroken to lose their friend Panda. They enjoyed seeing him take shape on the paper, though they were quick to tell me that he is not a purple cat! It is fun to paint a black cat without using black, though black is on my shopping list. I could have used it to darken the colours I was using. His eyes are that amazing green gold; don't they just bore right into you?

Don't let a lack of ideas stop you from painting. I had a lot of fun dabbling in these three different areas one evening, and last night I got a spectacular idea for a new painting that I can't wait to try.