Experimenting with Colour in Landscape Painting


I'm in landscape mode right now. I have exhibition opportunities this year that I want to be ready for, but I am not letting that affect my painting. It is so easy to feel pressured to create something "frame-worthy" which for me isn't helpful. I have had too much fun detaching from expectations and playing with paint over the last year to overthink myself now.

I want to create a large landscape, I have a scene that inspires me and I'm having fun working it out in smaller sketches. How fun it is to throw unexpected colour into my washes and pull out a scene!

The top painting is the second version, following this first, smaller sketch. And now that I've played with the trees and shrubbery, I am imagining what this scene would look like with a dramatic sky...

Autumns in the Peace River country are very yellow, with our aspen forests taking centre stage, but who's to say that violet, crimson and turquoise don't have a role to play in punching up that vibrant yellow? I'm having fun finding out!