Art of the Peace 10th Anniversary Gala Tonight.

Tonight is the opening for the Art of the Peace 10th anniversary exhibition in Grande Prairie, Alberta. It hardly seems like ten years since the Art of the Peace magazine first debuted. I was doubtful that a local publication like this would find a foothold in the industry as I know the publishing business can be precarious even for national magazines, but having a publication dedicated to the arts in our region has been wonderful, and I'm so happy for their success. There are so many talented artists in our region that I would never have known about where it not for Art of the Peace.

I entered their 10th anniversary cover contest and, while I was not chosen as the cover winner, I was asked to contribute my watercolor painting, Blue Beckoning to the exhibition, which runs through the end of June. I won't be at the opening tonight since it conflicts with my watercolour classes (and it's blizzarding outside), but I'm honoured to be a part of it.

A Blue Beckoning watercolor | Angela Fehr