Painting and Printmaking.

Forgive my lack of an internet presence lately. I've booked myself busy with a host of classes in May, and it's been delightful. I'm painting with a very pleasant class of ladies on Thursday nights. Below is a shot of their completed landscape paintings - they all did a wonderful job and it's so fun to see their different styles emerge in each painting.DSC_6848 I also took a printmaking workshop on May 5th. What a neat process, and so full of possibilities! We kept running ahead of our instructor, Mary Parslow, with our "what if's" as each demonstration sparked ideas for monoprinting creativity. I came home with forty prints that are mostly "misses" but I'm all fired up to pursue monoprinting as another artistic option for me. And I know the kids will love to try it!

monoprints | Angela Fehr

I'm on version five of an Arizona landscape - thinking it's time to take a break. When repeated restarts aren't helping work out a painting, time might be what it needs instead. There are parts of this painting I really love, but it's not quite "cooked."

arizona in progress | Angela Fehr

Spring is here, and the sun is shining, and there is so much to enjoy this time of year. I'm prepping for summer shows in some local galleries, and looking forward to painting with the Peace Watercolour Society on local at the Peace River in June. Art journalling with the kids is on my to-do list, and of course teaching them monoprinting! Life is good.