New Painting: Stargazer Lilies in Watercolor


I was given a beautiful stalk of lilies last week. I'm thankful for friends who love gardening and excel at it, because I don't put much time into my own little patch. These lilies were incredible; half a dozen blooms, rich colour, crisp lines and the most pungent lovely scent. DSC_8637I may not garden well, but I do paint, and I thought a lovely thank you would be to paint lilies for my friend to enjoy when hers lie under a covering of snow."Stargazers" | Angela Fehr watercolours I've been happy with just a couple of reds in my palette until I painted this piece, and now I'm thinking it's time to try some new hues - I really didn't quite get the rich magenta that I was hoping for. But I love the flow of this painting - it's very true to the boldness of the actual flowers.