Under the Bridge


2008June 290 Last week I painted at the historic curved Kiskatinaw bridge. It was ridiculously hot for mid-September, and the rock I sat on was uncomfortable, and the sun glare washed out the colours from the steep river banks, and the water was a murky brown, but even so I came home with an appreciation for the beauty of the Peace River country where I live, and a bunch of ideas for a new painting.

Kiskatinaw curved bridge | Angela Fehr

The Kiskatinaw curved bridge is historic because it was built during the building of the Alaska Highway in 1942. American soldiers built the highway, originating in my hometown of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and winding its way up to Alaska, in defense of an World War II attack via the Bering Strait.

2008June 299

The Kiskatinaw bridge is a little off the main highway now, which has protected this all-wooden bridge from destruction by heavy traffic. Its pronounced curve is picturesque and creative, and the small camp site at the base of the bridge is a favourite of locals. And if it hadn't been our van we drove there, my husband likely would have been the one laying a little rubber along its 534 foot length!

These photos were taken a few years ago during a camping trip near the bridge. My camera broke recently and I'm awaiting a new lens anxiously!