Featured on Empty Easel!

It's a New Year's gift to me! What a thrill this morning to see my name in print on one of my favourite artist resource sites, Empty Easel. In the past I was a contributing writer on the site, and I had no expectations of ever being featured in one of their weekly artist profiles. Thank you, Empty Easel! You can view the article here.

Stuff I've been working on lately.

Happy New Year to you! As I mentioned in my "Highlights of 2013" post, I've got lots of anticipation and drive going into 2014. My biggest artistic goal is just to paint, paint and paint some more. I am very conscious of where my weaknesses lie, and they will be conquered through practice. This will be my twentieth year as a watercolour painter, but just like a beginner, it is through practice that growth happens.

I have a few other goals: to create a second online watercolour course, to regularly add to my YouTube video channel (I'd love to do a weekly mini-painting demo) and to paint towards a 2015 calendar. Can't wait to get started, and that means today!