Now Showing: The Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver, BC


It's not always easy to be a rural artist. The nearest large gallery is 6 hours south, and the nearest large gallery in my province is 12 hours away. Fortunately I don't have to live in the big city to be able to show my work there. This month my painting "The Violets of My Affections" is hanging in the Federation of Canadian Artists gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia, as part of their "Works on Paper" show. Violets of My Affections

You can check out the entire exhibit online, just in case you are also constrained by distance, by clicking here. So many great pieces in this show - mine feels a little diminutive. I think that often happens in a gallery show; as an artist, I've viewed my own painting so many times that everything else feels more exciting.

If you are overcome by "The Violets of My Affections" (I just love that fun, play-on-words title) it's for sale on my web site here.