Peace River Corner watercolor painting


I've been working on the same scene for a couple of months now. Started on one side of a full sheet (22" x 30") of watercolour paper (I like Arches 300# cold press), and when that one turned ugly on me, flipped it over and painted it again on side two.Peace River Corner (full sheet) | watercolour painting by Angela Fehr Side two shown above: still not satisfied. The beach/waterline gave me trouble - I've hidden most of that with dark, interesting brush strokes.

It's a little frustrating when  full sheet of paper gets filled and I'm not completely happy with the results. I don't hate it, I just think it could be better.

The good news about fighting through a new composition/subject matter/painting style, is that progress will be made. The other night I took everything I had learned through the two full sheet paintings and threw it into a smaller, 10" x 14" landscape of the same scene. And, success!Peace River Corner | watercolour painting by Angela Fehr

Simple, serene and a true sense of place. Very happy!

"Peace River Corner" (bottom image) measures 10" x 14" and is available for purchase. Contact me!