Foliage: Two Stages of an In-Progress Painting


One has to wonder what sights this tree saw over the years, overhanging the Peace River as it is. This country was settled late in Canada's history; maybe trappers paddled past, or a raft laden with supplies for a homestead, steered by immigrants. Just up the bank is the historic, hundred-year-old log St. Charles Mission Church. dunvegan tree photo | Angela Fehr I started a painting of this scene, and while I'm never certain until it's complete whether or not it's going to be a success or not, I am enjoying seeing it come together. This is what it looked like when I started painting this afternoon:dunvegan corner in progress - Angela Fehr watercolour paintings

And when I put my paints away an hour later: dunvegan corner in progress - Angela Fehr watercolour paintings

There is at least one mistake and a few unresolved areas, but I'm learning lots about painting foliage, looking for patterns of shadow & light, and using colour and texture. Whether this painting ends up in a frame or not, every painting helps me become a better painter in the long run.