Encouraged by Growth: a painting discovery


I am packing today for the Dawson Creek Farmer's Market tomorrow morning. I enjoy being at the Farmer's Market; it's a great time of interacting with the community and I always meet someone fascinating and get to share my own story. My table is a smorgasbord of creative stuff; paintings of course, my watercolour note cards, paper crafting projects and materials for sale, stuff my kids have made to sell (jewellery, travel washcloths), and even a little baking if the mood strikes me.

I removed some older paintings from their mats so I could fit something fresh inside, and found on the back side of one painting this little landscape circa 2005:peace country landscape

I had completely forgotten about it (you'd be amazed at how often that happens) and was struck by its charm. I can compare it to my paintings today, and see considerable growth, but it's still a sweet landscape and it felt a little nostalgic to discover it after all these years.

The location is the Peace River, north of my home near Dawson Creek, British Columbia, but where exactly, I do not know. And our autumns really are that yellow.