Lilies in Progress (using Salt & Cling Wrap Techniques)


lilies in watercolour - progress pic | Angela Fehr watercolours

I can't believe it's taking me so long to complete my "Florals in Watercolor" online course! It's been literally months, and while I could blame homeschooling, housekeeping, bookkeeping, summer-funning, etc., it's more a case of just wanting to cram into this course everything I know about watercolor. I really want everyone who take the course to get excited about watercolour, to find their own style of painting florals and to learn to think like an artist.

Today I'm filming the last two videos in the course, and then providing the fine tuning of the class set up doesn't take too long, I should have a launch date for you soon.

Starting this week, I will be painting en plein air around the region at least once a week. I am inviting any local friends with an interest in painting to join me! First outing will take place July 4th.