Strawberry Fields Forever: Watercolor Style


Are you a berry picker? Around here we are berry pickers, eaters, and painters. I guess you could say I'm a berry reveller. Starting when the strawberries ripen in June, through saskatoon, raspberry, huckleberry, blueberry and cranberry season, I just relish the amazing wild berries we enjoy in our northern Canadian region. So much bounty, and the experience of picking berries is a feast for the senses! Even if the mosquitoes are bad.

"Strawberry Wreath" watercolour sketch | Angela Fehr

I do grow a few rows of domestic strawberries and raspberries, and while they never produce as much as I'd like, I love having inspiration in colour, scent and texture just a few feet from my home. These two sketches are purely fun, nothing I'm content with as yet, but just like berry picking, you never know what you'll discover when you start out!

strawberry sketch | Angela Fehr watercolours

Enjoy your summer's bounty, whatever it may be!