Student Work: Stepping Out

I love seeing my watercolour students step out independently! While you can learn a lot by copying the tutorials on my YouTube channel and online courses, it's in trying your own subjects and compositions that you engage your brain in "working out" a painting. There's a lot of problem solving in painting, and it's the best way to learn. The following paintings are from my watercolour students, posted in the online student galleries. I check in regularly to comment and critique, giving guidance to help my students build stronger paintings, and encouragement to help them stay positive and passionate about learning. runs with paint

"Runs with Paint in her hair" posted this imaginary flower. Imagination is a wonderful thing, and using it can help us be more creative. I love these colours - probably because I have such a hard time sticking to earthy tones in my paintings.

Anthea D 3

Anthea D is a girl after my own heart - I love painting rose hips too! These have such a lovely glow. I used this painting to demonstrate how a grouping of similar objects can create a visual path for the eye to follow. See how the outer rose hips form a triangle? Very visually pleasing.

Susan derby fedora blueberries

Berries by Susan D. This woman is on fire! Since Susan started taking my classes, she is painting up a storm, and the results are evident in the growth of her skills as an artist. I enjoy seeing the new paintings she comes up with, and feel only a little insecure that this student might one day become my teacher!

Lindsay A

Not all my students are beginners. Lindsay A is an artist by profession and used my watercolour workshop as an opportunity to try a new style and subject matter. I enjoy doing the same thing - it's always healthy to stretch yourself as an artist, and this portrait of her daughter is lovely.

Patricia K 2

Patricia K has done several versions of this interesting composition. I also like to work out a composition by painting it over and over again, learning from each attempt. Every version has different aspects to love.

Helen S

Helen S is another watercolourist using my courses to try out a looser style. I love how she's taking fluidity and incorporating it into her realistic style.

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