Chosen: Ridley Terminals' Northern Art Initiative 2014


I'm very pleased to announce that my painting "Breaking Through" has been chosen by Ridley Terminals Inc. for their 2014 Northern Art Initiative. The painting will be purchased by Ridley Terminals to hang at the Museum of Northern British Columbia in Prince Rupert, British Columbia during December, 2014. Following the exhibition, the painting will be donated to a registered charity for use in fundraising.

"Breaking Through" watercolour, 15" x 22"

I try to hold no expectations when submitting art for various calls for artists. There are so many unknowns when submitting art, from what the jurors are looking for to how many artists participate in the submission process. But it does seem consistently that when one of my pieces gets chosen for a show or event, it is always art I feel deeply connected to and proud of. I'm a little sad to have to pack this one up just as soon as it is framed, but I'm excited about being a part of this event and having my art hang in a city it's never been to before.