Studio Update: Moving In!


I hosted my first class in my new studio on Tuesday night. Here's the painting we created, learning to paint birch trees:

birch class study | Angela Fehr watercolours

And now I'm going to show you my new, in-the-process-of-moving-in space.

studio update | Angela Fehr watercolours

On Monday evening, Wade told me, "The heat is on in the studio," so Tuesday afternoon I spent cleaning and moving things around so that ready or not, I could host class there that night. It's been five years since we built the shop/garage/studio building and so to say I was anxious to move in would be an understatement.

studio update 2 | Angela Fehr Watercolours

One of the reasons it's taken so long is because we are doing everything ourselves. And by us, I mean 90% Wade, 10% me. He's a carpenter, and he's also not afraid of hard work. I am learning to appreciate his motto, "If you do it right the first time, you only have to do it once." Although that doesn't really apply to housework. We made our own floor from unfinished pine boards, and the ceiling tiles took many hours of painting, staining, buffing and varnishing. Then there was time spent waiting for enough money to buy supplies, and getting sidetracked by other projects (like Wade's amazing rat rod, and our kitchen cabinet reno).

studio update | Angela Fehr Watercolours

I ended up only cleaning half the room - the left side will be kind of a living area/guest room so that in addition to painting, the studio will be a relaxing place to hang out with friends and family. I'm looking for the perfect sofa and maybe a fold-out wall bed. The table against the wall will go to make room for other stuff, and sadly, I think the glass cabinet on the table will have to go as well to make room for other things.

We are working on finishing up the bathroom. I'm letting Wade go a little nuts with it - he is calling it a "gas station bathroom" but it's not really the right phrase - if you are envisioning the grody, scary bathrooms you encounter on road trips, you're not catching his vision. I'm thinking it's more "steampunk gearhead."

Studio bathroom sneak peek | Angela Fehr watercolours

Here's a sneak peek at it since it's not nearly done yet. He's been working on the towel bar and some decorative pipe for the wall for a week or two. I'm thinking this towel bar will hold up the weight of even the plushest of towels.

studio bathroom sneak peek | Angela Fehr watercolours

There is so much to love about my new studio! It's close to the house; I can even peek into the kitchen window and see if the children are setting their hair on fire, or just sneak out early and paint before anyone else wakes up. It's beautiful; I have learned that I am inspired by beautiful spaces and it's going to be wonderful to work where I am completely comfortable and visually delighted. It's quiet; I will be able to shoot more video tutorials in the quiet of a room with an actual DOOR (my studio in the house is doorless and it really makes it difficult to film without distracting background noise). And it's a wonderful gift from my husband who enjoys doing this stuff as an expression of his love for me.