2014 Retrospective


Happy New Year! I hope you're as excited about 2015 as I am. It's a facet of my unrealistic nature to be way too optimistic about the future. On the other hand, looking back over the year only affirms that every year holds the possibility of greatness. I'm going to share a few of my favourite moments from 2015 and a few of my favourite paintings alongside. Follow the links to read the original posts.

In January I shared a post about how I'm learning to paint with passion and confidence. This is something I emphasize in my online classes because we have such a tendency to be our own worst critics, and drain the joy from our painting ventures in the process.

"Peace River Corner" watercolor by Angela Fehr | https://angelafehr.com

February, my birth month, was a big one for me. I finished several paintings that showed in galleries through the region, including the second place winning "Peace River Corner". Wade and I also tackled the flooring in my studio. Little did I know I would be partying in that studio in November, happy to finally have a separate space for my art.

In March I bulked up my Youtube channel with two new videos. I continue to see new subscribers and it's so rewarding to receive emails from people who "discovered" my channel and are excited about what they are learning in watercolour. I just LOVE that part of my job.

April saw new opportunities in painting with students at a local school. So much fun! I also saw two paintings shown at the Grande Prairie Art Gallery - a new gallery to add to the list. One was the dramatic "Waves Above the Wheat."

Waves  Above the Wheat crop 1

In May we visited Waterton National Park and came home with many great photos to turn into paintings! I love travelling with my family and reminiscing while I paint scenes from our travels."Overlooking Waterton" was painted in fall.

Overlooking Waterton Lake 600w

Watercolour artists often struggle putting the first stroke on a sheet of paper. I addressed this issue in June's Youtube video, "Fear of the Blank Page" and was amazed that a painting video with no actual painting received such a response. I guess we all need a little encouragement from time to time!

In July I launched a new online course, focused on painting florals intuitively in watercolour. This course has 236 students enrolled as of today and is still available for half price, $49 using this coupon code. Teaching online has really helped me to grow my business, keeping me stocked in watercolour supplies and frames, and that's a good thing! I also love the sense of community I feel with my students; it's a very positive environment!

My August plans for plein aire painting excursions was swallowed up by a family wedding and relaxation in the heat of summer. I don't apologize for that! I did create one painting that I shared on my blog, enjoying the vibrant colours of fireweed in the forests and roadsides. This is also the month I discovered Opera Pink. Gorgeous!

September holds the biggest art show of the year for me, with the Peace Watercolour Society. I always enjoy planning several paintings for this annual show. I also visited Muncho Lake and Liard Hot Springs with my family and created several new paintings, including "Breaking Through" which was later purchased by Ridley Terminals for the Northern Art Initiative.

"Breaking Through" watercolour, 15" x 22"

I launched my first watercolour calendar in October (it's on sale right now!) and look forward to this becoming an annual tradition. I also had fun teaching a watercolour class here in my studio and finished this little gem:

"Dainties" watercolour painting by Angela Fehr | https://angelafehr.com

November was a fantastic month for me. So exciting to win an award with the Peace River Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists and also have a painting chosen for the Northern Art Initiative, move into my new studio, launch a mini workshop featuring Christmas paintings. It felt a lot like all the hard work of the year was culminating in one great month and that's a pretty great feeling, I can tell you!

December was a cozy month. I hosted several parties in my new studio and worked on some studies for future paintings. Lots to be thankful for this year and to look ahead to in the coming year! Thank you for being a part of it all!