Landscapes by my Online Watercolor Workshop Students

It's been a while since I shared any student work on this page. I now have six online watercolor courses available and with every painting posted in the student gallery the information available in each course increases as my students and I discuss how to make our paintings stronger. 90% of painting is problem solving; figuring out how to translate what we see onto paper, and then how to correct when we make mistakes. I can promise you, not one of my paintings is completely free of error, and I've learned to see that problem solving as enjoyable, not fearful.

My landscape course launched in January, and it's my best course to date. So much information on a huge topic. In the course I demonstrate a number of different types of scenes in watercolor, including this simple meadow landscape (which is also the view from the end of my driveway). Here's a version painted by Joyce, who is a great student because she is willing to paint the same scene over and over again. Such a great way to learn as every time we paint a subject we gain confidence and learn to "see" it better.

Student Watercolor work | Angela Fehr watercolours

Kelly shared two versions of a coastal landscape. I live in a landlocked region of Canada, so painting the ocean was a bit of a stretch for me, but really every scene is a matter of learning to see value and as you can see by Kelly's paintings, the more contrast we have in our paintings, the more impact our paintings will have, as in her painting on the right.


My students come from all over the world, and this is reflected in their choice of scenery. Birgitte is from Denmark, and I love being able to "travel" every time I see her paintings.


Penny painted this reservoir in Wyoming and the red rocks remind me of my recent vacation in the southwest. I love the reflections in the water. My favourite part of watercolor is the blending of fluid colour, so I love seeing my students let color do its thing in their paintings, rather than trying to control it too much.

penny landscape

Viviane has a similar soft effect in her misty lake scene. Doesn't it make you feel relaxed?


Julianne shared this meadow painting that's both peaceful and colorful. Her dark values make the lighter colors pop.


My original painting course on Skillshare is at 1900 students. When I launched that class in 2013, I had no idea that I was moving into a new phase of my art business and that teaching online would become a big part of what I do. While I am now teaching in my own online school, the Skillshare course does continue, though it seems that the students in my other courses are more engaged in sharing their work and completing the courses. If you're a member my Skillshare course I encourage you to check out my new school at and start by enrolling in my free course "The Joy of Watercolor". I also have a Facebook group created just for my watercolour students to talk watercolor, called Angela Fehr Watercolor Workshop and you are welcome to join!